State of the Market for First Quarter of 2015

Here are Staten Island real estate market statistics as of March, 2015 which marks the end of the first quarter for 2015. 

Year to date pending sales are up 24.5% from 2014 and closed sales are up 16.7%.

At the same time the inventory of homes for sale has decreased by 22.5% and the months of supply of inventory has gone from 8.6 months to 6.3 months of supply. 

The median sales price is up 1.3% while the average sales price is actually down 0.4% indicating that the entry level priced homes are gaining while the prices of homes on the higher end are actually slipping.

With mortgage interest rates remaining low we are in a healthy real estate market at this time.
Source: SIBOR May 11, 2015


How to Make A Purchase Offer On A Home

You’re ready to make an offer on the home of your dreams. But before you do, make sure you’re really ready. Ask yourself and your household members if this is the home for the next five or so years. Make sure everyone is on board with commitments to make it work, from putting off the dream vacation to putting in the elbow grease to clean, paint and do the yard work.

How to Make A Purchase Offer On A Home.

Keep it light! Do Not Underestimate the Power of Light!

This blog post from The St.Paul Real Estate Blog written by Teresa Boardman puts it in simple terms. Light helps to sell your home.

Keep it light

I write this same article or one similar to it every year. If your home is on the market or if you are planning on putting it on the market soon make sure it is well lit.

When buyers come to see your home their eyes will be taking in a lot of information. If there is more light they will have a more favorable impression of your home and who knows they may even make an offer.

During the day if at all possible leave the blinds and curtains open. Consider removing heavy drapes and window coverings that can not be put aside to let more light in. If your home is being shown in the evening or on a dark cloudy day leave as many lights on as you can.

You will notice that most builders will ignore some of this years hottest color trends in favor of lighter brighter colors and it is very rare to see a model with blinds or drapes covering the window.

Lighting can help sell a home.


Apartment Safety NYC: New Yorkers Fears And Tips | BrickUnderground

Apartment Safety NYC: New Yorkers Fears And Tips | BrickUnderground.

Keeping Critters Out of Your House

As winter starts to get into gear be sure you don’t have any unwanted guests.

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Who Does The Broker Represent?

Whether you are buying or selling a home this article will open your eyes to the slippery field of agency issues and who represents whom in a real estate transaction. Read this short article from Benny L. Kass for a simple explanation.

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